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Body ever the most credible health body in the United States at least is claiming that the benefits of CBD and cannabis and this by the way this very fact galls a lot of politicians and of course a lot of our politicians are just plain ignorant and and they they choose to remain that way they choose not to be educated and but that’s changing rapidly the the force of the American public is tremendous right now in this and every poll that’s ever been done recently.

Anyway says CBD oil for pets that that the American public wants cannabis to be legalized and as James said earlier it’s just a matter of time we’re seeing this we the cascade effect with the domino effect occurring very rapidly and the feds don’t know what to do with it they’re still busting people not people so much as grows but it’s an exercise in futility I like it I’m you know I’m no don’t get want to get too deep in the political people I don’t either all right what I know think we’re just kind of brushing on some concepts but you know one thing that I personally have been noticing.

Is that this is a great example of the power of the people when you see that that the majority of people are saying that they’re pro cannabis and I think a lot most recently because of the medicinal benefits not because of the recreation that all of a sudden everything’s turning it’s because of the medicinal cannabis but when you see that.

That the polls are saying that over now percent of people are Pro cannabis and then you see the states turning well then you see the political system isn’t listening to the people so you know in a nutshell I think that’s a beautiful thing oh absolutely so alright you know CBD affects so many different disease states and this is a part of the conversation I think a lot of people would be really interested in knowing.